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AI sourcing and screening tool that helps you hire better talent faster

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The best candidates accept job offers in no more than 2 weeks after showing up to talent acquisition teams. Reduce time to hire and increase candidate quality using smart sourcing and screening.
No more routine
Talent acquisition professionals spend 25 working hours on average to fill vacancies. This often involves sourcing candidates on scattered resources and screening resumes (manually!)
Spend more of your hours talking to relevant candidates and building strong teams. Let the machine do your paperwork.
No bias
Machine has no prejudice and shows all appropriate candidates — regardless of background.
No magic
A powerful AI engine finds candidates from a wide range of resources and ranks them on transparent criteria. You choose the best candidates, the machine helps.
How does it work?
Mark any firm requirements:
location, salary, years of experience, etc
Upload job description on Hot Pies
Mark any firm requirements:
location, salary, years of experience, etc
We will search for candidates on different job boards in few seconds
AI engine will find a relevant talent pool and rank candidates by role, job description, skills, experience and other essential criteria
You can check the AI’s choice. All candidates’ contacts are open and free to reach out to
  • Average screening and shortlisting time is

    23 hours for a single hire

  • We reduce screening and shortlisting time by up to


  • Only qualified talent pools,

    excluding up to 88% of irrelevant resumes

  • Reduce

    cost per screen by 75%

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